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New: Discover our packages for your special occasions

  • 17/07/2023
  • Events

Because we understand the importance of special occasions in our customers’ lives, we’ve carefully made a range of special packages prepared to make your stay unforgettable and personalized. Our services are tailored to suit every occasion, whether you’re celebrating a romantic occasion, an anniversary or simply looking for a memorable journey.

If you’ve chosen to stay at Hôtel Le Littré, you’ll be entering a place where attention to detail and customer satisfaction are top priorities…

Now it’s time to discover our different packages!


Honeymoon Packages:

With helium:

This package is specially created for a romantic and memorable atmosphere for your honeymoon. Here’s what it includes:

– A beautiful bouquet of roses to express your love and affection.
– Heart-shaped balloons to add a romantic touch to your room.
– Delicately arranged rose petals
– Candles for a warm ambience
– A bottle of Canard Duchêne champagne to celebrate your love, or a bottle of Ruinart* champagne for an even more luxurious and refined experience.
– Finally, a delicious French cake to share a gourmet moment with your beloved.

*Subject to a surcharge of the value of the bottle.

We also offer this same package, but this time with balloons inflated with air rather than helium. It’s ideal for a low-cost surprise that’s just as romantic.


Premium :

Our Premium package has been conceived to offer you a unique and magical moment with your partner, combining romantic details, exquisite flavors and a Parisian experience that remains to be discovered below:

– A bouquet of carefully arranged roses, the classic symbol of love
– Heart-shaped balloons to create a passionate atmospher
– Rose petals carefully arranged on the bed
– Candles, adding a soft, romantic glow to the room.
– A bottle of Canard Duchêne champagne, chosen for its finesse, or a bottle of Ruinart* champagne, synonymous with elegance.
– A delicious French cake, to share with your loved one.
– Private use of our sauna for half an hour, where you can relax together in a soothing atmosphere.
– But that’s not all! Our special offer also includes a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine. You’ll enjoy your gourmet meal on the Seine, under the twinkling stars of the City of Light. Not to be missed!
*Subject to a supplement of the value of the bottle.


Eternal Love Packages:

These “Eternal Love” packages have been carefully designed for your proposal or wedding anniversary, to offer you and your other half an unforgettable experience. Every detail contributes to creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Let us take care of you so that you can spend magical, romantic moments in our Hôtel Le Littré.


Wedding proposal

Here’s what this package offers to make your wedding proposal unique and memorable:

– Marry Me” balloons, for a magical touch.
– A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, carfully selected.
– Delicate rose petals that will spread their sweet fragrance throughout the room.
– For a gourmet touch, you can opt for heart-shaped chocolates or an assortment of four macaroons, to share a delicious sweet treat.µ
– Candles will be prepared to create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Please note that this package is recommended for our rooms with a terrace, to preserve the surprise until the last moment for your loved one. However, if you would like the decoration to be carried out inside your room, simply let us know your wishes and we’ll be happy to make them come true.


Wedding anniversary

This package has been created to celebrate your union in a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Here’s what we offer:

– A bouquet of fresh flowers, to express your affection.
– A few balloons to add a romantic touch to the room.
– A bottle of champagne to celebrate your union.
–  Heart-shaped chocolates or four delicious macaroons for a delicious taste experience.
– As an option*, we also offer a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine. Enjoy a delicious gourmet meal while admiring the magnificent views of Paris from the Seine, creating an unforgettable romantic experience.


Celebration Packages:

Each Hotel Le Littré package is carefully crafted to combine timeless elegance with the superb celebration of your birthday. Whether it’s your birthday, your child’s birthday or your guests’ birthday, our luxurious and comfortable rooms will make room for various special attentions to make the occasion extraordinary. Discover our different packages:


This package will make your day even more memorable. Here’s what we have to offer:

Adult Birthday

– Helium-filled balloons to add a colorful touch to your room.
– A “Happy Birthday” banner to decorate the room
– Miniature French cakes to enjoy.*


Teen Birthday (+10 years)

This package is ideal for celebrating your teenager’s birthday. It includes

– Balloons to create a festive, cheerful atmosphere in the room.
– An age number balloon, inflated with helium, to mark the new age.
– A special gift for your teenager, carefully selected to suit his/her tastes and pleasantly surprise him/her.
– A “Happy Birthday” banner to decorate the bedroom
– Delicious miniature French cakes to add a gourmet touch to the party.


Children’s birthday party (1-9 years)

This package has been specially designed to make the little ones happy. Hôtel Le Littré offers a playful experience for children’s birthdays. Here’s what this package includes:

– A little extra attention so that they can express their creativity during their stay.
– Party hats, to celebrate in style/
– Balloons are also included.µ
– Finally, a small surprise cake at breakfast, where your child can blow out his candles to his delight.


All these packages are specially created for your special occasions, as a surprise for your life partner or family. But they are also created for the travel agencies we work with, wishing to organize unique and memorable experiences for their customers.

So whatever the reason for your celebration, let yourself be tempted by our packages. Just send us an e-mail!