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What to do in Paris during the bank holidays of May 2024?

  • 05/01/2024
  • In Paris

With family, as a couple, or during gatherings with friends, the capital is never short of resources to experience an unforgettable weekend during the May holidays. Whether it’s on May 1st or during the Ascension weekend, explore activities and events near our 4-star hotel, Le Littré.

What are the public holidays in May 2024?

In 2024, the month of May has 4 public holidays. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your hair down on a Parisian getaway. Here are the three public holidays that may allow you to enjoy long weekends for a relaxing vacation.

  • From Wednesday May 1, Labour Day opens the May bank holiday season.
  • Then comes the 1945 Armistice. This day refers to the Armistice of November 11, 1918, the treaty that ended the First World War.
  • Then comes Ascension Day, a Christian holiday: Wednesday May 8 and Thursday May 9, to enable people to take part in religious celebrations and spend time with their families. These days are ideal for a trip to the capital. 
  • A week later, take advantage of Whit Monday (May 20) to discover Paris in May. For your extended weekend or even your vacations, put your bags down at the Hôtel Le Littré, in the charming Montparnasse district.

What to do and see in Paris during the May bank holidays?

Take advantage of these long weekends to discover a multitude of exhibitions and shows during an exceptional stay. Discover our top recommendations:

  • At the Natural History Museum, put on a virtual reality headset to immerse yourself in the immersive exhibition “Lost Worlds,” where both young and old can interact with dinosaurs, explore the lifestyles of the animals around us, and more. Ticket prices range from €24 to €29. You can also enjoy the vast Jardin des Plantes, a beautiful Parisian park, perfect for nature lovers, botany enthusiasts, and those curious about enriching discoveries.
  • Free and without reservation, take a stroll along Quai St Bernard if you’re spending the May holidays with your loved one. In the evening, the atmosphere transforms into an open-air ball in the arenas, featuring jazz and world music.
  • During May bank holidays, the Château de Versailles offers a truly extraordinary experience, combining history and majestic architecture. The gardens are in full bloom. Imagine wandering through alleys lined with brilliant flowers, enjoying the beautifully landscaped parterres and fountains that add a magical touch to the whole. During May bank holidays, the Château often organizes the famous “Grandes Eaux Musicales”. This is a unique opportunity to see the park’s fountains in action, accompanied by baroque music, creating an enchanting atmosphere. And let’s not forget the Galerie des Glaces, an architectural masterpiece, with its sparkling mirrors and sumptuous chandeliers. Once inside the château, when the natural light of May floods the gallery, it creates a breathtaking visual spectacle.
  • The Egypt of the Pharaohs from Khufu to Ramses II: From Friday, February 9, 2024, to Sunday, January 5, 2025, the Atelier des Lumières presents a new immersive exhibition. The exhibition provides visitors with a unique opportunity to travel through time and rediscover the Egypt of the pharaohs. The showcased masterpieces, spanning three millennia of this mythical civilization, captivate all generations. A fascinating journey into the history and grandeur of this legendary civilization.
  • The “Vertiges” exhibition at the Bourse des Commères during the May holidays promises a captivating and immersive artistic experience. “Vertiges” showcases works by contemporary artists that defy conventions and offer a unique artistic perspective. Each piece is designed to evoke wonder and amazement. Some public holidays may include special events or guided tours of the exhibition. Check the schedule to see if there are any special activities that could further enrich your visit.

What activities can be organized to keep children entertained in Paris during the May bank holidays?

  • During your stay with your children, don’t miss the optical illusion course at the Paradox Museum: a change of scenery and guaranteed laughter! An ideal destination for a family outing in May, the course features a collection of optical illusions, trompe-l’oeil, and visual paradoxes that will delight the children. It’s a unique opportunity to spark their curiosity and immerse them in a fascinating visual universe. The Paradox Museum is often located near other Parisian attractions. Take advantage of your visit to explore other interesting sites in the capital, turning your weekend into a complete adventure.
  • Have you always dreamed of exploring space with your children? Within the headquarters of the European Space Agency (ESA), a new space has just opened to the general public, allowing you to discover the ISS in virtual reality and learn more about the world around us! The Astrolabe welcomes you with virtual reality headsets, where you can freely explore the lives of these incredible space travelers. You can also journey to the Moon or admire the rings of Saturn during an immersive experience.
  • The Vincennes Zoo is more than just a wildlife park; it’s an unforgettable immersion into the heart of the wilderness, just a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of Paris. As you stroll through expansive landscaped areas, you’ll discover an incredible diversity of animals from all corners of the globe: from majestic lions to curious red pandas and elegant flamingos. It embodies the modern concept of the zoo, focused on animal well-being and species preservation. Additionally, during Pentecost and Ascension, the zoo offers educational activities, shows, and interactive events for children, making the visit both entertaining and enriching. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or seeking a relaxing family getaway, the Vincennes Zoo promises a memorable day in the heart of biodiversity, just a stone’s throw from the enchantment of Paris.

May bank holidays: what to do just a stone’s throw from the Hôtel Le Littré during your stay?

On May 1st or May 8th, take time out to visit our French capital for a long weekend or longer stay. Charming café terraces, parks and fine weather await you.

  • A 5-minute walk from our 4-star hotel, The Art of the Brick in Montparnasse in May promises a truly unique and captivating artistic experience. It’s not just an exhibition of LEGO constructions; it’s an immersion into the creative ingenuity of artist Nathan Sawaya. His incredible sculptures, entirely made of LEGO bricks, transcend the limits of this familiar material to create astonishing works of art.
  • For a delightful culinary experience during the May holidays, there’s nothing like a visit to the Girotti ice cream parlor, nestled in the charming 6th arrondissement and just a short walk from our Le Littré hotel. Immerse yourself in the deliciously artisanal world of this renowned ice cream shop, where a passion for authentic flavors meets exceptional craftsmanship. The sunny days of May will provide the perfect setting to savor exquisite frozen creations made with the highest quality ingredients. From the classic vanilla flavor to bold and creative combinations, each scoop of ice cream is an invitation to a gustatory feast. The warm and friendly atmosphere of the 6th arrondissement adds a special touch to your tasting, turning a simple ice cream break into a memorable gastronomic experience. So, treat yourself to this sweet pleasure at Girotti, where every spoonful is an invitation to relish the sweetness of Parisian life during the May holidays.
  • Climbing to the top of the Montparnasse Tower in May is an experience that promises a spectacular view of Paris in all its springtime splendor. The Montparnasse Tower is located just a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Picture yourself at the top of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city, surrounded by a breathtaking panoramic view. In May, the city awakens to the gentle spring warmth, trees are budding with green leaves, and the city’s gardens come to life with a palette of vibrant colors. From the observation deck, iconic monuments of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Sacré-Cœur, stand majestically against a often clear sky. The fresh spring air adds a pleasant touch to this experience, making every moment spent at the top of the Montparnasse Tower even more memorable. Whether to admire the sunrise over the City of Lights or to enjoy a nighttime view illuminated by the lights of Paris, this getaway to the top of the Montparnasse Tower during the Pentecost holidays is an invitation to capture the magic of the French capital in a new light.
  • Take advantage of your stay to attend the “Aura aux Invalides” event! Open during Pentecost, this extraordinary sensory experience will immerse you in a breathtaking show of lights, sound, and visual effects in the majestic setting of Les Invalides. In May, the historic facades of Les Invalides serve as a unique backdrop to a luminous production, creating a grand spectacle that transcends history and modernity. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a technology lover, or simply seeking an extraordinary cultural experience, “Aura aux Invalides” promises you an unforgettable evening where the history of Paris comes to life in a fascinating and contemporary way.

A foretaste of the summer vacations during the bank holidays in May at the Hotel Le Littré

May is cherished not only for its public holidays but also for the return of pleasant temperatures. These factors provide solid reasons to treat yourself to a multi-night trip to Paris and even sometimes elsewhere in France. From the Seine to sunlit gardens, the entire capital buzzes with activities in the spring. A stay in our hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower will transform your experience into an exceptional and memorable moment, thanks to the splendid views offered by our Eiffel Tower view rooms. All that’s left for you to do is return to relax on the grass at Luxembourg Gardens and dream of a breath of fresh air during a stroll on the Green Belt, the Parisian hiking route between forests and green valleys.