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A tasty brunch at the hotel Le Littré

  • 08/12/2021
  • About the hotel

Have a brunch at the Hotel Le Littré!

Brunch is a real tendency, for days off, weekends or on vacation. A mix between breakfast and lunch, this meal is taken in the middle of the morning and serves as both breakfast and lunch. Discover the breakfast area at Hotel Le Littré, next door to Montparnasse, to savor a delicious brunch.

A brunch at the Hotel Le Littré to take your time

Sunday brunch is an institution in Anglo-Saxon countries. Born in the 19th century in England, it was imported to the United States in the 1920s. It reached France around 1980. Friendly and gourmet, brunch is the friend of city dwellers who are late risers. It is taken between late morning and early afternoon. It allows you to take time for yourself. It serves as a fairly generous breakfast and lunch.

Savor a delicious brunch in an intimate setting

Whether you are a hotel resident or a local resident, join the breakfast room at Hotel Le Littré to share a brunch with family, loved ones or friends. Take the time to recharge your batteries in our room with its soothing and warm decoration. Settle down in a comfortable armchair, in an alcove for a little privacy to enjoy this precious moment. Time stops…

Brunch, a varied and complete meal

The traditional English brunch is inspired by the breakfast from across the Channel, with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and bread. Its variation, American brunch, adds pancakes (thick, sweet pancakes), brioche bread or bagels and replaces bacon with braised pork belly. But brunch is going international and meeting all demands, with seafood, salads, fruit pies. Salty, sweet, it is impossible not to find your happiness.

Breakfast brunch is all about flavor and curiosity. On the menu of the hotel restaurant Le Littré, enjoy not only hot drinks, fruit juices, pastries, but also fresh bread, eggs, cheese, cold meats, desserts and fruit.

Sundays are for brunch!

Share a moment of relaxation while feasting at your own pace. Before a day of visiting the capital or on the contrary to end your stay on a relaxing note, take the time to sit down for brunch. Enjoy a privileged moment in an idyllic setting. Even if you are not a hotel guest, don’t hesitate to discover an unforgettable experience for your first Sunday meal. Brunch is an opportunity for two people to get together, with friends or family, for a gourmet and gastronomic break where everyone can taste what they want.