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Enjoy a massage during your stay at Hotel Le Littré, 4-star hotel Paris

  • 08/12/2021
  • About the hotel

What could be more relaxing than a massage to recharge your batteries after a hectic day in Paris? Our hotel offers you, in addition to its relaxation areas, a sauna and a personalized massage service.

A relaxing massage in Paris to recharge your batteries

Put your everyday worries aside by taking advantage of your stay at Hotel Le Littré to treat yourself to a relaxing massage in Paris. Massages are an essential ingredient for relaxation. After a hectic day running around the Capital, make time for your well-being with a massage. It is the ultimate stress reliever.

Our team of massage professionals perform different types of massages and treatments. Relaxation massage improves blood circulation and relieves tension, but it can also be more invigorating to restore energy. Also discover shiatsu or Thai massages, which use Asian energy principles based on finger pressure.

During a stay of one night or several days, on vacation or on a business trip, find the service that meets your needs. Our express services are specifically dedicated to travelers in a hurry.

Le Littré, a spa hotel for a relaxing massage

Solo or in duo, enjoy a moment just for you. After your sauna session, you will feel revived and ready to tackle a new Parisian day.

A 4-star hotel in Paris for a well-being stay

The wellness area at the Hotel Le Littré in Paris is arranged in harmony with the rest of the establishment. Chic and refined, the decoration is elegant, conducive to relaxation and appeasement. Simply choose your massage: our team will take care of you and guide you so that you have a unique moment.

A particular desire? Opt for a tailor-made massage, according to your needs, which combines different techniques. Whether alone or in a pair, enjoy a wellness retreat specifically designed for you.

After your visit, continue to relax in our dedicated spaces, under the glass roof of the VerandaBar or in the winter garden.

Warm and welcoming, the massage service is open all day. Book your moment of relaxation and let yourself be carried away by your senses.